Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe


Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe is certainly one of my favorite foods from Korea. My friends and family are always amazed at how healthy it is. There are different versions of this Korean dish but all contain the basic ingredients of the original. Kimchi means red rice and also refers to the way rice is cooked. In Korean culture, rice is cooked slowly over a high flame until it is almost burned. The reason for this is to preserve the nutrient content, but the result is tender, delicious and healthy.

Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe can be prepared in so many ways depending on your preferences. You can either make the recipe the traditional way or opt for different ingredients to spice it up. Typically, Kimchi is made with white rice which has been mixed with various ingredients. This may include vegetables like onions, garlic and ginger as well as sesame seeds. Most people in Korea prefer to use wild spinach because of its rich nutritional content.

You will need a couple of things to make your own kimchi fried rice recipe. First you will need raw chicken and half of a pound of cooked bacon. You can either purchase or make your own. Kimchi is not difficult to make but the key ingredient is using fresh vegetables that are high in nutrition like onions and garlic. It is also important that you rinse off any excess fat or oil before starting to cook.

When it comes to Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe, the most important ingredient is the raw chicken. It is best if you use a thin slice of chicken because the fats underneath will soak up into the rice. Kimchi is served with an assortment of vegetables such as onions and bell pepper. In addition to adding vegetables to your kimchi bokkeap, you may want to add some steamed broccoli or a bean sprout to give it extra flavor.

To make kimchi fried rice you will need two to four cups of water. One can use a wok or a frying pan and one can use a pressure cooker. Be sure to place the wok or frying pan on a high heat and bring to a boil. While the ingredients are heating up, cut your bacon in half and drain off the fat.

After the two ingredients are ready, mix them together. Then remove them from the heat and mix in the cooked bacon and raw vegetables. Once all of your ingredients are blended, let it rest for about fifteen minutes. The reason for this is so the flavors can seep into the rice. Kimchi should be prepared while it is still hot.

Now that your kimchi has cooled down, it is time to prepare your second ingredient. This is going to be any canned tuna that you have. Use a canning recipe if you are unsure of which one to use. Next, you will want to combine the rice with the other ingredients. Once all of your ingredients have been combined, allow it to rest for about an hour.

You should have a delicious dish in your hands by now. This is not a difficult recipe to make kimchi. If you find that the instructions are too difficult to follow, there are plenty of cookbooks out there that have all of the right instructions. All you have to do is follow them to create your own version of fried rice. If you want to try something new, be creative and add your own ingredients to this recipe and watch it become your signature dish.

The final step in learning how to make kimchi fried rice is to get all of your supplies together. This includes the rice, kimchi, and anything else that you may want to put on top of it. Most people like to add vegetables to their dishes and that is easily done as well. Add anything you would like and enjoy your creation. The hardest part of this recipe is creating it and that takes a lot of patience.

As soon as you are finished creating your dish, it is time to serve it to everyone. Be sure that you clean up all of your leftover rice and put everything back into the cans that you bought just in case. In about ten minutes, you will have one of the best fried rice dishes that you have ever made. If you do not have any leftover rice, there are also other ingredients you can use. Vegetables, meats, cheese, fruit, and even ice cream are great options to use.

Kimchi is one of the most traditional types of foods in Korean cooking. This means that it can be cooked in many different ways depending on the variation that you are looking for. For a spicy variation, you can mix onions and garlic while for a more mellow version, you can add bell pepper and green onions. A thicker kimchi will give it a nice crunch while a thinner dish will be more fluffier. Be sure to try a variety of these recipes as you try to master more advanced Korean cooking skills so that you can impress your friends and family with your new skills.

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