How to Microwave Hard Boiled Eggs


Microwave Hard Boiled Eggs…if there is a better way to enjoy a breakfast! There are several different ways to prepare hard boiled eggs, but in my opinion, the easiest is just using a Microwave. Microwave is known for reheating food but if you don’t have a Microwave, don’t despair, just keep reading. Below are some great ideas that will get your creative juices flowing.

Microwave Hard Boiled Eggs – For quick and easy hard boiled eggs, heat the bowl of hot water, cover with a plastic bag or lid, and microwave for up to four minutes. Let stand for about thirty seconds before removing the plastic wrap or lid. If you prefer a more runny yolk, gently peel and break your hard boiled egg into a microwave safe bowl containing boiling water. Microwave hard eggs can be cooked as normal or sauteed, just watch them to ensure that they don’t stick.

Chicken Fajitas – Again, using a Microwave makes this recipe super quick and easy. Simply add the fajita mix to a bowl of boiling water, stir, and wait for it to be done. After about ten minutes in the microwave, your chicken fajitas will be fully cooked and ready to enjoy with your friends and family.

Casserole – Cooked to perfection in a microwave safe bowl, this dish is absolutely delicious. Simply add cooked eggs in a tortilla to a heated tortilla shell, add some cheese and corn tortillas, and heat up for five minutes. Five minutes later, you have a perfectly cooked Casserole.

Microwave Popcorn – Even though you may not think it, microwaves do make delicious popcorn. Just take your favorite kernels and crack them in the center of a small pan filled with water. Allow them to set for about three minutes, then remove them and pop in your microwave. The result will be microwave eggs cooked perfectly in about five minutes.

Eggs In A Nutshell – Using an old rubber or latex glove, crack the eggs into a bowl large enough to hold the hard boiled egg fill and cover tightly. Microwave the filling until set and microwave the shell until it is ready. Uncover, add your favorite nuts, and enjoy your newly made scrambled eggs.

Instant Noodles – For a quick and easy dinner, serve your noodles according to the package directions. When noodles are cooked, drain them and replace with water. Cover the noodles with water, seal the package, and microwave the completed noodle. It will be done when the egg turns opaque and a stringy texture forms around the edges. When you feel the noodle is cooked, cover loosely with plastic wrap, add some cheese and chives, and serve.

These are just a few of the quick and easy ways to prepare your hard boiled eggs. You can do this in as little as thirty seconds and keep that warm for later. Best of all, you can keep your breakfast exciting and serve different varieties according to your tastes each day of the week. This will keep you coming back for more. I promise, if you try these ideas for hard boiled egg preparation, you will never go back to the runny eggs you had as a child.

Microwave Cooking – You can also use the microwave to cook eggs because it allows you to fully enjoy the texture of the yolk. Microwave cooking makes a dish taste like it has just come out of the oven. The result is a light dish that is healthy too. You have to watch the amount of time you cook eggs because you don’t want over cooked hard-boiled eggs. Microwave cooking takes less time than steaming or boiling.

You can find many recipes that use a microwave to prepare hard boiled eggs. For instance, I love to make hard boiled omelets for breakfast. I take a hardboiled egg, spray with olive oil, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. I fold the omelet in half and cover it with the plastic bag that comes with the egg. I then wait five minutes and I’m ready to serve.

You can also cook eggs this way in your microwave-safe bowl. First you take an uncooked egg and crack it into pieces. Then you add milk, a pinch of salt, and a quarter-cup of heavy cream. Cover the bowl and heat it up for about 45 seconds. When the egg is almost set, you can remove it from the plastic bag and cut it into mini frittatas with the corners folded up.

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