How to Cook Skirt Steak


Cook Skirt Steakhouse is a restaurant and barbecue restaurant in Atlanta Georgia that has four different locations. The concept was started in 1993 by Georgia Power who decided to combine the taste of traditional barbecue with the more casual style of cooking found at many popular restaurants today. This is a joint venture between Power and wife Lisa Pool. They have both been involved in the food business for over 30 years and are known as some of the best pit masters in the area.

Cook Skirt Steakhouse offers the “girl next door” style of cooking and the customer can come and watch while the chef does all the work. Cook Skirt Steakhouse’s chefs all have degrees in various disciplines including barbecue and steak making. When you order your steak, you will be served a selection of different cuts to go with your meal. There is a reason they call it a “steakhouse.”

If you order one of their delicious beef selections, you will be surprised by the tender meat. Each cut of beef at Cook Skirt Steakhouse is well balanced and cooked to perfection. Some of their most popular entrees include the tenderloin, the flank steak, and the skirt steak. Order any of these at their restaurant and you will definitely be satisfied. Each of these delicacies is prepared by a professional chef with a passion for cooking that makes each dish one of a kind.

My favorite dish is their delicious fajitas. One of the things I love about fajitas is their incredible flavor, but also their tenderness. In addition to having the perfect medium-rare beef, this place serves up a delicious variety of vegetables and some really tasty side dishes. The spinach and potato tapas is absolutely delicious; I love how they are placed on top of some crunchy vegetables before being topped with a fresh, delicious guacamole. For an additional treat, try their delicious black bean dip which is served on their beautiful hand-crafted flour tortillas.

Another delicious meal at Cook Skirt Steakhouse is their amazing grilled chicken. The chicken is cooked to perfection using their own unique rub. To make this dish taste even better, they use a Spanish technique called searning and parter it brown rice. This technique not only creates delicious caramelized flavors on the outside of the steak, but also provides for tenderizing the meat inside. The result is a melt-in-your-mouth delicious meal that you will never forget.

The other option that you have for delicious steak dining at Cook Skirt Steakhouse is the opportunity to try the sirloin tips. While this cuts the beef into thin slices, it still has the natural moistness and juiciness of a steak. Cook Skirt Steakhouse makes sure that their sirloin tips are always dry-rubbed and seasoned before being cooked. This is a great way to tenderize your steak and create a wonderful texture along with a nice cut of texture.

To make sure that you are cooking the beef to perfection, you need to invest in a quality beef thermometer. This can be purchased at most supermarkets or from any online retailer. When using a beef thermometer, you want to pay attention to the internal fat content. The more fat that is present in the meat, the harder it will take to cook. To determine this, place a steak on the indirect heat setting of your cook skirt steakhouse’s kitchen oven and leave it alone to cook for about two hours.

Once the steak comes to its proper temperature, check to see if it is done by flipping it over and checking again. Once both sides are brown and the juices have extracted from the meat, it is time to remove the steak from the heat. Now it is time to enjoy your new cook skirt steak. When removing the steaks from the heat, remember to wash any utensils that you used so that you do not reintroduce the bacteria to your new delicatessen. Now you know how easy it is to cook a perfect steak and a perfect cut of beef at home.

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