I get asked a lot if I allow advertising on my blog.  The easiest answer is yes I do but only if the content is really good and suits me and my readers.  That means I say no to far more requests than I say yes too.

Who reads my blog

My demographic is mostly aimed at women between the ages of 25-55 and UK, USA, Australia and Canada makes up 80% of my traffic.  I recently redesigned my site so I lost quite a bit of traffic in the revamp but it’s slowly coming back. last count I had around 20k unique visitors per month.

What type of advertising do I accept

You can request a banner, category take over, header banner, home advert or a custom video or photo shoot.  I also do recipe requests and editorials.  You can email me here with any requests.

Do you offer sponsored posts

Again, only if the content is really high quality.  I wont accept spammy or poorly written off topic subjects so if you do want to be featured make sure it fits in with the following.

  • Meal prep and planning
  • Budget cooking
  • Baking tips and advice
  • How to cook guides
  • Cooking with kids
  • Entertaining with drinks
  • Beginners guide to cooking
  • Jobs in food
  • Hospitality at home

I mostly look for well published authors who ca point me to other content they have published online.

If all thats sounds like you then when not reach out to me on the form below.  I look forward to hearing from you:


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